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Keeping the Sprinklers On Gives the Norwood Fire Department a Tactical Advantage at a Wooden Pallet Warehouse Fire - Deputy Chief John Cody (Norwood Fire Department, Massachusetts) explains how his department kept a small fire from becoming a big one in a large warehouse full of combustibles.

New Certificate in Pre-Incident Planning for the Fire Service - Pre-incident planning is the key to effective and efficient response to fire protection system activations in sprinklered buildings. This multi-program training will help you develop pre-incident plans for effective and efficient response to emergencies in your community.

Preplanning and Training Avert Disaster at a Document Storage Facility Fire - Chief William Gabrenya (Bartlett Fire Protection District, Illinois) recounts his department’s response to a sprinkler activation at a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 45’ high racks of paper records boxes.

The FM Global Fire Service Learning Network is Now Available in German - Network content, features, and functions are all available in German, with more languages planned in the coming years.

Why Your Department Should Require Training from the FM Global Fire Service Learning Network: A Perspective from Capt. Patrick O'Brien - Captain Patrick O’Brien (Taunton FD, Massachusetts) talks about how his department uses the training on the FM Global Fire Service Learning Network to train all personnel in response to protected properties.

Could the Plainfield Distribution Center fire happen to you? - The destruction of a 1.2 million-square-foot Plainfield, Indiana distribution center is just one of many recent similar incidents. Is your department prepared to respond to a fire like this?

FM Global Launches New Online Learning Network for the Fire Service - FM Global is pleased to debut The FM Global Fire Service Learning Network, an online learning network that delivers critical training for the fire service in fire protection systems and pre-planning for response to commercial and industrial properties.