FM Global Fire Service Resources

Being a firefighter is a physically demanding job. You are usually first on the scene of a fire, expected to contain hazardous materials on demand and must always be ready to provide emergency medical treatment. The only way you can perform these duties – and more – is to be prepared with the stamina and knowledge to do your job and do it well. FM Global, established in 1835, can share its years of experience in property protection to help you be proactive in your role as a firefighter. FM Global offers a variety of free training and resources for the fire service,

FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program

Putting Our Money To Work to Reduce Fire Risk

Because we believe that the majority of fire can be prevented, FM Global is pleased to offer financial support to organizations working to combat fire. Through our Fire Prevention Grant Program, fire departments and brigades, as well as national, state, regional, local and community organizations can apply for funding to support a wide array of fire prevention, preparedness and control efforts, including pre-incident planning, fire prevention education/training and arson prevention/fire investigation. To begin learn more about our program and begin your application please visit

FM Global Data Sheets

To reduce risk at facilities in your jurisdiction it's important to have proven engineering guidelines. Look no further than FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets.

These exacting standards help you reduce the chance of property loss due to fire, weather conditions, and failure of electrical or mechanical equipment. They incorporate nearly 200 years of property loss experience, research and engineering results, as well as input from consensus standards committees, equipment manufacturers and others.

FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets make your community—and the world—more resilient. Access them free of charge through

FM Global Approval Guide

When you need the right materials to address exposures and protect your facilities, only FM Approved products will do. The Approval Guide, an innovative product of FM Approvals, contains "real-time" information about tens of thousands of products and services tested and FM Approved, as well as essential engineering data and technical information on the application and use of listed products. To learn more about the FM Global Approval Guide please visit