The FM Global Fire Service Learning Network is Now Available in German

The FM Global Fire Service Learning Network is now available in German! At the top right of the site, you’ll see a language selector. Select “de” to view the site in German. Toggle back to English by clicking “en.” All program-related content is available in German, including modules, certificates, multi-program certificates, and transcripts. The narration in modules is now spoken in German, graphics have been translated to German, and interviews with English speakers have been subtitled in German. Many supplementary resources are now available in German, such as FM Global Data Sheet 10-1, FM Global Data Sheet 8-34, the Top-Loading ASRS Pre-Incident Planning Checklist and Sample Plan, and the Pocket Guide to Automatic Sprinklers. All site functions are German as well. You can register, file support tickets, reset your password, sign up for Group Registration, and read news articles — all in German.

The process of translating the site to German is emblematic of FM Global’s worldwide commitment to bringing the fire service the most updated, relevant, and accessible training to improve preplanning and response to protected properties. In an era where many use “automatic” translators and machine-based software, the FM Global Fire Service Learning Network was translated into German by FM Global’s professional translation staff who have a deep understanding of the fire service internationally and of the work FM Global does in fire protection. The commitment to getting the translation right was strong on all sides.

As part of the Network’s commitment to make its training available to as many departments and organizations as possible, additional languages will be rolled out beginning in 2023. Moving forward, all content added to the FM Global Fire Service Learning Network will be added simultaneously in all available languages.

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