"The Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings modules from the FM Global Fire Service Learning Network have closed a training gap for us. It's the credible, accessible, user-friendly training in fire protection systems we needed but previously didn't have access to. Every chief should seriously consider requiring it for all department members." — Gina Y. Sweat, Fire Director, Memphis, TN Fire Department

The FM Global Fire Service Learning Network offers a Group Registration feature for departments, companies, and organizations. Rather than your personnel registering individually, Group Registration allows you to provide a specially-formatted spreadsheet of basic user information for multiple users. Once loaded into the network, each user in the spreadsheet will receive an automatic email inviting them to complete their registration and begin their training.

To take advantage of Group Registration, please:

  • Download and fill out the Group Registration Information Form.
  • Whitelist the domain name so your department members will receive the automatic email to complete their registration.
  • Contact all members listed in the spreadsheet you are submitting for registration and advise them to expect a registration email they will use to activate their account and set a password. A sample draft email will be sent to you once the Group Registration Information Form is received.

Once you have completed the Group Registration Information Form, email it to The Department Contact you specified on the Group Registration Information Form will receive an email notification once all members have been registered. If you would like to schedule a specific date for your members to receive the email, please specify that in the Group Registration Information Form, otherwise all requests will be completed within a week of receiving your materials.

If you have questions, please email and we will be happy to answer them and help you get set up.

Instructor Mode

The FM Global Fire Service Learning Network allows an instructor to present the material within the learning network in a classroom environment. The Instructor Mode allows training officers and instructors to use self-paced programs with their classes. When activated, the Instructor Mode allows the instructor to freely move about the program to show sections to students in class. To utilize this feature, the instructor must first complete the selected module and complete the Skills Challenge for the program.

The instructor can authorize class attendees who have their own FM Global Fire Service Learning Network logins to skip the requirement to view all sections of the program. The authorized class attendees can go straight to the Skills Challenge test to earn their certificate of completion for the program.

Click the link below for instructions on how to activate instructor mode and authorize class attendees to complete the course test.

Instructor Mode Instructions