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Engine Company Operations at Fires in Sprinklered Properties

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Program Abstract
The initial decisions the fire officer makes and the actions of the crew he/she directs profoundly affect everything that happens later and often determine the outcome of the call. Fire officers and firefighters must know how to interact with automatic sprinkler systems properly and employ their inherent fire suppressive function to save lives and protect property. This self-paced program describes the key initial actions the fire crew arriving at a property with an automatic sprinkler system activation must take to assess the situation, control the operation of the sprinkler system, and departing the scene confident that the building owner can oversee the system's return to service.

This program is the fourth in a series of four programs in the Fighting Fire In Sprinklered Buildings multi-program certificate. The full sequence is:

Other Information
Once you have completed the media elements of the program and the associated knowledge checks you may select the SKILLS CHALLENGE to test your knowledge. Upon successful completion of the SKILLS CHALLENGE, a certificate of participation will be available for downloading or printing.


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Self-Paced Programs

Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings

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